JEPL is advocating to take advantage of great potential of Polyurethane formulations, using its Abrasion Resistance, Water Resistance, Stability towards dynamic loads.
  • Vibratory Bowls
  • Polishing Vibratory Turfs
  • Ball Mill Linings
  • Pearl Mill disc Linings
  • Impellers
  • Pipe Junctions and Valves
  • Tank Rotators
  • Grooved Pulleys

Substrate understanding such as :
  • Bauxite or Metallic Ores,
  • Color Pigments
  • Corrosive, Abrasive Slurries
  • Sharp Edged Parts with Ceramic media
JEPL modifies polyurethane system with appropriate fillers to achieve desired properties, satisfy customer with knowledgeable approach. Often products are selected from Polyether polyurethane variety and hardness range of 85 - 95 shore 'A'